Who am I?

This blog is mainly about myself: Kim Detollenaere.
I think if you take a look at some of my blogposts, you will already get to know a lot about the person that I am.
I am a 4th year medical student  from Belgium and even though, blogging has started to become a passion, my ultimate goal is to become a doctor.
I also have participated in some pageants before like Miss Belgium and I have recently represented Belgium in the 3rd biggest pageant in the world: Miss Supranational. For people that are interested in pageants or that might be curious about something like this, I have made a serial of blogposts about my experiences in this big pageant.

Even though I will always keep my title as Miss Supranational Belgium 2017, the pageant part in my life is quite over. My daily life is mostly filled with studying in medical books, but every Sunday I like to make a blogpost on my very own blog.
I write about almost anything related to myself. I am a very adventurous person and I love to travel, so about that you will see some blogposts.
But even more than that, I have always been passionated about fashion and beauty.

Honestly, I think I already thought about making a blog since I was 12 years old but due to my lack of knowledge of the English language (okay I know you can also write in your own language which in my case is Dutch, but that is really for a too small public) I didn’t start it. But not only that, I didn’t have the courage to start one and maybe I also thought my fashion style was not ‘special’ enough to make a blogpost dedicated to outfits I wear. Anyway, I do believe you can be a fashion blogger without wearing the most special clothing pieces.

My clothing style is mostly filled with skirts, dresses and fancy blouses if paired with pants and ALWAYS combined with a good pair of heels. I don’t have the most ‘special’ clothing style but I believe style is about how you combine things not about how special your outfits look.

Being passionated about beauty and always reading into beauty magazines and blogs, I have learned quite a lot and tried out everything. Now I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you.

But maybe to get to know me and my interests, it would be a good start to start reading some of my blogposts. Oh, and don’t forget to follow this blog by mail or to like my Facebook page!

Not to forget to mention, I love the platform Instagram. Don’t forget to follow me: http://www.instagram.com/kimdetollenaere.


Lots of love,